Your bridal makeup trial guide

Everything you need to about preparing for a bridal trial with me!

Thank you, by the way! I’m so pleased that you’ve chosen me as your makeup artist for your wedding. It’s an incredible honour, and a massive responsibility. You are going to look incredible.

Okay, let’s get stuck in …

Create a mood board

whether it’s a physical mood board you’ve created with images from magazines stuck to a piece of card, or a selection of things you like on Pinterest, it’s soooo helpful for me to see what you like and what you don’t. So, this is an amazing start and a great way for you to get the most from your trial.

Just keep in mind, that photos of hair and makeup on Pinterest are usually heavily airbrushed and filtered. So, while I’m experienced at what I do, one needs to be realistic!  And also, our face shapes, tones and textures are all so different that it’s impossible to create a carbon copy of the look you want to achieve. But trust me, I’ll get as close as I can, and you’ll still look like you. Promise.

Prepare your skin

Try to get your skin in great shape for your bridal trial.  Your makeup will look it’s best on clean and hydrated skin. So, lots of pampering – cleansing, moisturising, special skin treats and loads of water please.

Bring your make up bag

I need to get a feel of your every day look, and see the foundations and lipsticks you love. You’ll have a beautiful blank canvas for me to work on for the day of your makeup trial, but part of our time together is getting to know you and what makes you tick.

Wear white

Wearing white reflects the light back onto the face, so even if you don’t intend to wear a white wedding dress, a white top will make your makeup look it’s best. You could bring along a scarf or a piece of fabric in the colour of your dress if you’re able to. And if you are wearing white on your wedding day, by coming to your trial in a white top, I can ensure I get the tone of your skin just right.

Also, please wear something comfortable.  We’ll be sat together chatting for a couple of hours.  I want you to relax and enjoy it.  I’m your very own glam squad for the day!

Bring hair pieces and your veil

I need to get a feel of your overall look on the day.  And with this in mind, an image of your dress will be really helpful too.

And bring a friend

If you’re somebody who likes to get others take on things, you’re more than welcome to have somebody with you to offer their thoughts and opinions. But keep in mind, while feedback is great – too much can be just as unhelpful as none. Your hair and make up are such personal choices and what others may consider ‘natural’ or ‘bold’ may not be what you feel. So, if you’ve got a strong idea about the look you want to achieve, then come along solo.  Just do what feels right for you.

And the only thing that’s left to say is enjoy it! I always do. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed and be able to tell me all about yourself and things you like and don’t like. I’ll advise you on the products and techniques I use, ways to keep your make up looking fresh during your wedding day and share my ideas. But the aim of the bridal trial is to achieve a look which YOU love, so you can look the best you ever have and feel gorgeous and confident walking down the aisle. It’s your wedding day and your moment. And I’m so pleased to be sharing it with you.

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