Why I do what I do

and why I really do love my job so much

O F T E N people ask why I do what I do, why I love my job so much and why I don’t grumble at the prospect at getting up at 5am most Saturdays. So I thought I would write a little blog post to explain why I really do love my job so much.

I believe that everyone has a skill and a passion and mine is the ability to enhance peoples natural beauty and bring out their inner confidence,

If someone would’ve told me 5 years ago that I would leave the world of counselling (in which I studied an incredible amount for and for a long time!!) to run a successful, award winning makeup styling business on a full time basis, I’m not sure what I would’ve believed them- I loved my job but now I have found a new love, and I get to transform lives in a very different way!

My job is fun and varied, no two weddings are the same and all my brides bring something new and exciting that I wouldn’t have seen before. I have THE best clients- amazing women in which I share a mutual desire with- wanting to look our best. With over 10 year experience in the beauty and makeup work it has given me a great skill set and that enables me to connect with my brides on many levels. It’s an honour to be able to share some really beautiful moments with them on their wedding day so it’s important for us to connect. This is another reason why a styling consultation is so important, not to just talk about makeup, but for us to get to really know each other ahead of their wedding day.

The emotion I feel when I see brides face light up when I reveal her wedding makeup is actually indescribable- the look of sheer confidence of how they feel is something that I will never tire of. Being a woman today can be tough. We are surrounded by people, magazines and adverts telling us we need to look better, be taller, slimmer or bigger that I can’t imagine every woman feels confident in themselves all of the time- I know I don’t! So getting to spend a few hours with a bride advising her how to best to accentuate her best features and seeing her reaction when she sees herself after really is rewarding.

Beside the reveal on the wedding day my next favourite moment is when I get sent photographs and a thank you letter from the bride. I’m sure I have as much fun as the bride and groom, looking through the photos of their special day. Seeing the bride and her maids in their matching dressing gowns being pampered and sharing special memories with each other is a wonderful thing to capture and even better for me to look back on and remember each and every single wedding I have been involved in.

I try to maintain a good work/ life balance and during family time, I love visiting new places and looking at amazing buildings and scenery which I now get to do as part of my job. I have been lucky to have visited some of the most prestigious and beautiful venues across Gloucestershire and Herefordshire- and again that is something I never tire of.

As always thank you to my clients who have made my dream a reality, without you I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.

Natasha x