As a make up artist, I’ve seen more weddings than you can shake a stick at! It’s my favourite part of the job. I really get to know each bride and their family. I hear all about their wedding plans and usually see some or all of the wedding itself. I’m a font of knowledge really! And so, I’m often asked for my thoughts and opinions, and recommendations.

A while back, when I was dreaming up my idea for a wedding glitter bar, I was thinking about all of the other brilliant wedding reception entertainment my clients had used to make their wedding unique. So, I thought I’d share their ideas with you. Because a personal recommendation is never a bad thing.

Btw, I’ve haven’t been given a sneaky fiver to promote these people, and I haven’t used them myself. They are some of the people my clients love.

Richard Parsons– Gloucestershire Magician – He’s won a ton of awards and performed for some big names. He also looks a little like Peter Jones from Dragons Den. Just saying. If you’ve not seen him before at an event, he’s the one who does the theatrical pick pocketing amongst other tricks.

Kiegan Vallely- Hypnogician – Another name which popped up like a rabbit from a hat when I asked for recommendations for this blog. He’s actually a qualified hypnotherapist.  And his claim to fame? Performing for Pippa Middleton.

The Chip Shop Boys – You must have heard of these guys. Talk about celebs. Plus, according to Brides Magazine, they are the UK’s best rock and pop cover band. They are from Cheltenham but perform all over the UK and they’ve worked with some big names. Check out their website –

The Indie Killers – Another cool band who rock it at every wedding and event – around 100 a year! Not satisfied with performing on stage and looking and sounding amazing, they literally become part of the night and make every wedding personal and unique.

Tommy and the Fuse – We can’t talk about wedding bands without mentioning these guys. Winners of the Band of the Year in The Cotswolds Awards, performing with Lionel Richie and according to Cheltenham Racecourse they play “whatever it takes to help a few thousand people jump up and down!” Another band loved by my clients.

Pedal Car Parties – That’s a lot of fun for the adults. But what about the small humans? Because let’s face it, if they’re happy – so are we. And these are not just any old pedal cars. These are beautiful, shiny, metal, vintage ride ons complete with mini traffic lights, pop-up garage and petrol pumps. Fun! Take a look –

Now, as I mentioned, I’m a bit of an expert myself when it comes to what people want for their wedding. And as a true people pleaser, I introduced my own unique wedding reception idea last year – my guilt-free glitter bar! Glam and sparkle for all of your guests at no expense to the planet. As soon as I launched it, it went down a storm and bookings are going a little crazy for 2020. Take a look at the details here and let me know if you’d like us at your wedding reception.

I cannot wait to see what my brides and grooms have planned for 2020. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with any popular and unique choices.