The one things brides forget…and really shouldn’t 

The sound of church bells, grabbing the bouquet with gusto, straining your neck to get your first glimpse at the bride and the taste of champagne. Weddings stimulate all of the senses. But what about smell?! 

I mean, you could stick to your everyday scent.  That’s you. It’s comfortable. You trust it. Or, you could choose yourself a new wedding perfume – unique to your big day and completely in fitting with the look and feel of your wedding.

You can still capture familiar scents – something to calm your jitters. Don’t choose something really heady just for the sake of it. But over time, a whiff of your wedding perfume will transport you back to all of the emotions you were feeling and all of the fabulous memories. 

So,it’s a nice idea to choose something new for a finishing touch to your wedding lookwhich is also something really emotive. 

Most brides will choose a floral scent for their wedding day, but if that’s not your thing – I’ve got some other ideas for you to try. Plus, some other perfume tips!

Dom Rosa – It. Smells. Of. Champagne. Enough said!

Dior J’Adore – Classily feminine, romantic and flowery.

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream – The designer says it will bring love, light, power, positivity and sex. Well worth investing for your ‘something new’ I’d say.

Le Labo Santal 33 – It’s unisex but leans more towards a masculine scent. Perfect for the non-girly bride, or groom.

Escentric Molecules – Chemistry meet perfumery. A clever pair of perfumes that react to your own natural pheromones. Bit bonkers but really popular and smells lush.

Chanel No.5 – No introduction needed.

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede – Or anything by our Jo really. A really popular choice with brides.

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“Perfume is the most intense form of memory.

Jean-Paul Guerlain

That should be enough to get your nose twitching with excitement. But before you invest in a pricey bottle of gorgeousness, take a look at my top tips for wedding-worthy perfume:

1. Test in store and wear for the whole day – that way you can live with it for a bit to help you make your mind up, and also check for any reaction to your skin.
2. Give it a chance – When you spray and sniff, it’s just the alcohol you’re smelling, with a few of the top notes. Spray on a blotter and allow a few minutes. 
3. EDT is the only way – For long-lasting fragrance (because topping up won’t even enter your head once the day begins) choose an eau de toilette (EDT).
4. Moisturise – The oils within your perfume will cling to it and boost its staying power. Even better, pair up with the matching body cream. 

5. Ask your friends – Your nose will desensitise and get used to your new perfume over time, so ask for a friend’s opinion. But remember, your perfume choice is completely personal to you.

Apologies for giving you another thing to add to your to do list! But it’s something many brides tell me was such an important part of their wedding day, and they were so glad they included it within their look.

Enjoy testing out your wedding perfume. Take some time out from the chaos of wedding planning and do something nice for yourself. And don’t forget to ask your groom-to-be to give you a little neck nuzzle for his own personal seal of approval! 

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