Personal branding

Personal Branding. What the heck is it?

Have you ever been to a networking event, an interview or a sales pitch? Jeez, even going for a few drinks with a mummy friend you met at the park, or a date?

You want to get across your best possible self. Be real, but demonstrate what you can do. Show how funny, clever and warm you are. And leave them with a feeling like …yeah, she was great.

That’s pretty easy to do in real life.  Because that IS you. Sharp dresser with a wicked sense of humour and totally got your sh*t together. Or messy bun, sparkly eyes and a genuine warm hug.

In the virtual world that we live in, impressions are made of you within seconds of looking at your website or social media. And if you leave a bad one, or worse – non at all, it’s the difference between striking up a conversation, or not. Making a sale, or not.

Show them you, don’t tell them.

We can’t meet everyone and make them fall in love with us.  So, the next best thing is to invite your potential customers into your world and allow them to understand and connect with you.

We’re not talking one of those horrible stiff headshots. You need really beautiful and eye-catching imagery to tell your story and stop them scrolling onto your competitors.

And that’s what we can do together.

Your glam squad.

Makeup by Natasha Louise will make you look stunning! Soft, beautiful, confident. Striking, passionate, animated. You.

Our trusted hair stylists will perfect the look with a picture-perfect do.

Then my good friends at Little Cheltenham will capture the essence of you. Images that mean something, that depict your personality and are the next best thing to a kiss on the cheek and chat over a coffee.

You might be a little shy and stiff to begin with. Scrap that.  You WILL be shy and stiff to begin with. But we are a really lovely and professional team who will support and direct you, and almost make you forget the camera is even there. And that’s when we get the best from you. And for you.

“I run a business coaching & consultancy practice and when coming up with ideas for my branded shoot I knew I’d need a professional make up artist to make sure I looked good on camera. I hired Natasha Louise, the owner of Make up by Natasha Louise, and I was blown away by her work. Not only was she an absolute joy to be around for the hour it took to apply the make up but the make up looked amazing. The biggest thing for me is that I actually don’t like wearing make up as it can feel really heavy and irritate my eyes but I wore this make up all day and it did not budge! Natasha truly understands make up and what will work best for your skin and the look you want to create. I do not use anyone else for my professional make up and highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a true professional”

Work it.  Own it.

When we’re done, you have your own library of images that you’re proud of to share on your website, social media, newsletters, email signatures, marketing, printed media. On a printed T shirt that you wear every single day!  “Yup, that’s me that is!”

Drop me an email or call me 07528 038 703 so I can tell you more about our Personal Branding shoots.

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