You’re still allowed to have more than 6 people at your wedding – despite yesterday’s tightening on social distancing! Woo hoo!

So, now we can breathe a sigh of relief and turn our attention to those special ladies who will be walking down the aisle in front of you. 

As a bridal party makeup artist, I love to help my brides conjure up their dream styles and help you decide on the look. Why not take a peek at a few of my favourite bridesmaid make up styles.

Fresher than a daisy

To perfectly compliment a bride’s natural look, the almost-invisible makeup style is a classically beautiful choice. For an effervescent aesthetic, try Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream rather of a full face of foundation. By using a CC cream, cute freckles and your besties natural glow will shine through, and it offers more coverage than a tinted moisturiser. 

Prettiest in pink

If you’ve gone for any tone of beautiful blushing pink for your bridesmaid dresses, bring out the pinkish tones through their makeup, too. A rosy pink lipstick such as MAC’s Snob – Satin, and peachy blush will complement their dresses perfectly. 

Glitter goddesses

If you’re planning a glamorous ballroom wedding, going all out with your bridesmaids’ makeup is a must. Go for gold, silver or bronze for a more neutral look, or try out Gypsy Shrine’s Shrine Glitched eyeshadow palette to add a colourful spritz of sparkle, alongside a glowing highlighter, to really radiate their style. 

Luxurious lashes 

Extra thick and flirty lashes are a gorgeous way to make their eyes pop in your wedding photos. Alongside a winged eyeliner or a smokey eye look, falsies can really add some vavavoom to your ladies look. Just remember, if you’re new to false lashes, or lash treatments – have a trial before the big day. You don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or have a reaction to their new lashes.


Beach bronzed beauties 

As we’re all in the same boat this autumn, very few will have that ‘just got back off holiday’ naturally bronze glow. But this doesn’t have to put a stop to your dream beach look. Using Benefit’s Bridesmaid’s Hoola Bronzer (yes they have a bridesmaid collection!) paired with a gold eyeshadow and glossy lip, will create a radiant glow.

NL Bridal Makeup 2 12.4

And to polish it all off… 

No matter what look you choose, remember to select a style that compliments your wedding day look, you’re the bell of the ball after all!

Getting a professional makeup artist involved ensures you AND your glamorous girls will have picture perfect makeup for the entire event. You’ve waited so long for your special day, and they’ve supported you all the way – it’s only fair you treat yourselves!

Hit me up with your wedding date! I’d love to be there to help you…