It won’t be too long before the nations hair salon’s throw open their doors, don their visors and salvage the UKs dodgy home dos. It’s been a long time coming!

But what if you can’t get to a salon, your stylist isn’t opening just yet or you don’t feel 100% safe making that appointment?

Fear not, we’ve got a few tips to keep you looking lovely.

Let it grow, let it grow

In the heat of the moment, we’ve all been tempted to grab the scissors and self-trim. It can’t be that hard can it? Well, yeah! Your stylist studied and trained for years to do their job. It really is that hard. Our advice, rock the longer locks. Despite a regular trim being really good for your hair, it won’t damage your hair beyond repair if you have to wait a little longer than normal. However, a home cut with the wrong tools could cause more split ends and ugly uneven layers. So, unless you’re a pro, step away from the nail scissors!  Try out a few of the following suggestions instead. Muuuch safer.

Hask no questions

A good scalp and hair treatment can transform you overnight. Whether you’re after a boost of brightness for your colour, a dose of moisture and nourishment or TLC for a frizzy fro – invest in a hask. Try Olaplex Hair Perfector for coloured hair, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for dry hair and Cantu Shea Butter for afro hair.

I’m with the band

Thank you headbands! You’re our hero! A quick, easy and stylish way to disguise silver roots, unwashed hair and a floppy fringe. Check out the Alice & Blair silk headband in green – it’s to die. Or go all out glam with Shrimps Antonia faux pearl. And there’s a gorgeous range of pastel coloured padded headbands at Accessorize. Headbands could well become your new thing.

Back to your roots

If your grown-out colour is making you sad, touch up powders and sprays will be your go to product of Summer 2020. We like Root Cover Up by Colorwow, L’Oreal Magic Root Cover Up and Fudge Root Disguiser. But if you’d a natural cover up solution try a zig zag parting or a side swept fringe.

The mane point

There’s so much more you can do to tame those tresses – drink plenty of water, invest in a silk pillow, limit washing…the list in endless. But the most important thing you can do? Embrace it. There is even a charity that will support you to do just that! The Mane Event is asking for pictures of your lockdown locks – as well as a donation, to match you up with your equine twin! Hilarious. Come on, think of the money you’ve saved on salon costs these last few months and put it towards doing some good.

In the grand scheme of things, we know that our hair isn’t a massive priority. But looking good, means we feel good and we’re all about boosting mental health. So, we hope these tips have helped a little.

If you have any lockdown hair tips or pics, we’d love to see them. Hit us up!