After Covid threw everything into disarray, we are finally welcoming back wedding season! As excited as we all are, it would be no surprise if you are choosing to go DIY on your hair and make up.

Maybe you couldn’t find a great makeup artist and stylist, you’re tightening the purse strings (you’re not alone there) or you just want to showcase your own skills…yesss, Queen!

Whatever the reason, here are my top tips for DIY brides …

Find inspiration 

Whether it’s dreamy pics you’ve grabbed from Pinterest or detailed how to guides for complex looks, make sure you save the inspiration for your dream look. There’s nothing worse than finding a look you love and forgetting where you saw it.

Do you remember Monica from Friends, and lovely Muriel – having those huge bridal folders?! The idea was spot on, but these days there’s app for that!

Once you’ve whittled down your top looks, consult your nearest and dearest to refine your initial ideas and create a look that’s both beautiful, and achievable.

You can always run any ideas past me too. I’d be happy to give my thoughts and tips. 

Practice makes perfect

The next step is to practice…then practice…then practice some more. Practice until your fingers bleed and hands are cramping!

Practice in different lights, practice and take photos, practice in different weather, practice and show friends.

It may seem extreme (and near impossible, what with all the other stuff you have to do!) but it WILL pay off in the long run. This is the one day you will remember for the rest of your life, and the more honed your skills, the better the end result. 

Back-up plan

As we know, sometimes your hair and makeup just don’t behave as we’ve asked them to. And most brides will have the dreaded shakes on their big day. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, there’s a chance that perfect eyeliner flick might not work out the way you planned, and that’s ok. You just need a solid Plan B.

Maybe ask a friend to step up? Or opt for a more natural look. A simple half up half down style always looks gorgeous. And if you just can’t seem to crack that eye shadow, opt for a more natural, traditional, yet stunning look. Great skin, tidy brows and a glowing blush. Perfect.

The more the merrier

If your chosen wedding hairstyle needs 10 bobby pins, get 50. If it requires a hair curler, make sure you have a backup. And if you’re planning on spritzing with hairspray to hold your hair in place, ensure you’re well covered come the day of your ceremony. All of your products should be tried and tested, but imagine an empty Elnett can on the morning of your wedding? You don’t need that in your life!

Consider climate

Here in the UK, we’re well versed in flippant weather patterns. You may get sun, wind, rain and snow, all on the same day! So, take time to consider your ceremony location, the time of year and most importantly, how your hair behaves in every eventuality.

Monica from Friends springs to mind once more! When it gets a bit humid, be certain your look allows for a bit of extra ‘poofiness’. 

Find funding for facials

Your skincare routine – up until the big day, will have as much of an impact on how your look turns out, as how you style your makeup. Drink plenty of water in the months coming up to your wedding and allocate enough of your budget to have regular facials to help clear your pores and tighten your skin.

Discover the perfect foundation

Now is not the time to go cheap on foundation. Foundation is the base for your wedding makeup look and in order not to ruin your big day photos, it needs to compliment your skin tone perfectly.

A good department store will help you. If you’re going for a make up trial, wear a top that’s a similar shade to your wedding dress. It will make all the difference. Head straight for MAC, Chanel or Dior.


But first… primer

Once you’ve moisturised, a primer is essential to fill enlarged pores and smooth fine lines. A mattifying primer such as Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer, will eradicate excess oil and shine, and an eye primer or cream eyeshadow will work as a fabulous base to start off from. 

Set it off with spray 

As the belle of the ball, you’ll be so busy celebrating that you may not get a chance to slip away to touch up your hair and makeup. A setting spray such as Cover FX (Mattifying), will hold your makeup look in place from start to finish, giving you the professional look throughout. 

Now you’re equipped with the basics, you can get cracking on that perfect wedding look. Just give yourself plenty of time, practice and limit the Champagne…just until you’re picture perfect!

If it all seems too much, I’ve got you! Let me know your wedding date and I can check my diary. No worries 🙂