Five Minute Makeup for Tired Mums

It feels like we’ve leapt from last minute teachers gifts to new school bags in the blink of an eye. That long summer holiday which stretched out before us has vanished, and the school run will be upon us before we know it.

Which will be a challenge for all of us I’m sure. When that all too familiar alarm goes off and it’s go go go, holding your breath until the we come up for air again and walk wearily away from the school gates in a daze. And it’s particularly challenging for me this year, as I’ll have my latest addition to the family in tow. It will be interesting to see how that goes!

One thing I am sure of, and I promise that it’s nothing to do with vanity or keeping up with the yummy mummies at drop off, is that I WILL arrive with my face on. No matter what it takes! You see, make up for me has always been something I invest in when it comes to my time. Why? Because it makes such a massive difference to how I feel and how my day goes. I feel ready to take on the world when I’ve spent a few minutes on my make up in the morning.

Trust me, I’m pretty sure I’ll be sporting some kind of dubious stain, that I will have thrown on a hoodie and that one of my brood will want a last minute poo when we are already running late! But, I will have the best make up I can manage that morning and I will feel fresh, polished and confident and ready to take on anything that day throws at me …with highlighted cheekbones and eyebrows on fleek.

If you’re a school run novice (God speed) or seasoned pro, and you’d like a few make up tips and tricks to transform you from a Walking Dead extra to walking the catwalk’s of Milan …kind of, then listen up!

Here’s the thing. This isn’t going to take you very long and you won’t need to watch any make up tutorials on YouTube to get it right. Just try to get your 8 hours sleep (pah, right?!) and show up with a cleansed and moisturised face (Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream ideally) and you’re halfway there. Ok, here’s what you need to do:

10 products, 5 minutes (that’s about the length of one episode of Paw Patrol)

1. Corrector – I love the one from Bobbi Brown. And Swear by Becca too. It’s amazing and will neutralise any dark shadows under your eyes – just pat it on gently with one finger for an instant lift. You need this product in your life. It’s a game changer.

2. Tinted moisturiser – Try to choose one with a SPF (Nars Pure Radiance is nice). It may be September but you still need protection. You’ll thank me for it come graduation day! You shouldn’t see a change in colour between your face and neck when you use a tinted moisturiser – add colour with other products, not this. Smooth it over your face with your fingers. No fancy brush required. You’re already looking more balanced, fresh and even.

3. Concealer – You can’t really go too wrong with MAC. Dot it around your T zone and blend. Pop it lightly over any pimples but don’t go too heavy. You’re just going to draw attention to any imperfections.

4. Loose powder – Set your make up and keep everything in place with a light sweep of this. Again, don’t go too crazy with it. Try to keep a little natural shine. Chances are, if you’ve had a disturbed night of sleep, you’re probably a little hydrated. Too much powder will make you look cakey and dry. I like Clinque Blended Face Powder.

5. Bronzer – Sweep it over your forehead, hairline, cheeks, nose, neck and anywhere you would naturally catch the sun. Hoola by Benefit is a good choice – it’s natural looking, matte and affordable.

6. Blusher – Smile (post-coffee, obvs) and apply to the apples of your cheeks. We’re not contouring here. There’s no time for that business. A gorgeous sweep of pink is all we need. Estee Lauder will come up trumps if you want to revamp your make up bag this term. Yes, it’s a luxury but honestly, you won’t regret it. And aren’t you worth it? Plus, you always feel really nice when you pull it out of your handbag to reapply! It’s true!

7. Highlighter – It’s Bobbi Brown again for me. Pink Glow to be exact. Brush over your cheek bones, around your brows, a little on the end of your nose, your décolletage – wherever you’d like to see a glow. You’ll add the appearance of an extra hour of sleep in seconds.

8. Lip tint – Dior, Dior, Dior. Mwah! Any colour, any product. It’s all just dreamy and long-lasting. Again, investing in high-quality products like this will pay off. It will see you through the school run right up until you collapse at your desk, or in my case for a few more weeks, the sofa.

9. Eyebrows – I always think this makes such a massive difference to your look. So please don’t skip this step. Defined brows are everything. I love Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Benefit too. A good tip before you start, is to brush your eyebrows down – not up, so you can see the natural shape of your brow. Then brush up lightly once you’re all filled in.

10. Mascara – Curl first if you have time. And apply Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara to top and bottom lashes. One layer is all you need and then …pop! There’s those peepers again! Morning, you!

And there you have it. You look gorgeous in just a few minutes. Even if Mr Tumble is the main man in your life at the moment. And especially if you feel exhausted and a bit meh. Starting your morning by spending a little time on you works wonders on the way you feel about your yourself.

See you on the other side, Mamma! X

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