Have you heard about this?

Brides of 2019 and beyond! Have you heard about this?

Brace yourself …

Five of my brides in the last 10 days have been cancelled by their make up artists. And apparently, it’s quite a common thing.

You will have seen desperate pleas for recommendations on Facebook “I need a find a new make up artist for my wedding in 4 weeks time.” Or sooner. Can you imagine the stress?

I totally get that some things are out of your control, and things happen. There must be a really good reason for your artist to have to cancel. That’s exactly why I have my team. But apparently, it’s a bit of an epidemic at the moment. Eeek!

Alright, take a breath *sending a virtual fanning of your face*.

My advice to any brides reading this – pick an artist who has a solid team. Doing this means you’re all set, no matter what happens. It’s totally invaluable.

Any really good professional make up artist will have an A team who share their passion, ethics and values. And if the worst happens, they can hand over smoothly and precisely, so you’re spared any last minute worry.

I’ve seen plenty of panic and tears over the years – more so recently. And it’s heart breaking. The one thing you wish for on your wedding day, is to look and feel your very best. Yes, the cake and the flowers are important, but what you’ll remember (and everyone else) is how beautiful you feel on your wedding day.

Finding your make up artist, the one you gel with, who gets you – is a crucial part of the jig saw puzzle that is your wedding. It’s a real eureka moment. The excitement. The relief. To lose that, is devastating.

So, here’s a few tips to help you:

1. Pick a make up artist with a good bank of recommendations – that way you’ll always have back up
2. Don’t be persuaded by a pretty website – do some thorough research on potential artists for your wedding
3. Look for reviews and testimonials – and don’t be afraid to ask for them if they aren’t available
4. Always, always book a trial – an absolutely essential way to build trust with your artist

Of course the other great thing about hiring a make up artist who is part of a team, is that your bridal party is all set – Mum, mother in law, bridesmaids. They can all be in on the action and look and feel gorgeous on the day.

My own A team also includes hair stylists, so you could have a full glam squad for you and your bridal party. So, no faffing about or organising things with lots of busy people on different telephone numbers. Just one brilliant team of professionals, headed up by me (a veritable Hannibal to those who are old enough to remember), to swoop in and save the day!

Listen, I hope I haven’t brought you out in hives! I just wanted to share this message – and prevent this from happening to you, or someone you love who is about to tie the knot.

If you’d like to hear more about me and my team, or if you’ve been let down, please get in touch and I promise I will do my very best to help you.

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