If you’re anything like me at the moment, you are juggling home schooling, work and your own sanity. It’s an effort changing out of PJs before lunch, let alone thinking about any kind of self-care. But if you can invest just 5 minutes a day in YOU – away from everyone, in a quiet space, I promise you’ll feel the benefit.

So, lets ditch the homeless look and get you emerging from lockdown as if you’ve been on a spa retreat!

Your 7 day plan for lockdown self-love…

Day one – Now is the perfect opportunity to let your brows do their thing, grow out your fringe and give your nails a break from the Shellac. It’s also an ideal time to give your skin a Retinol treatment. If you’ve considered it before, perhaps the weeks of dryness has put you off. But during lockdown, anything goes. A bit of flaky skin won’t worry your neighbours on bin day. And within a month, your skin is going to look better than ever. Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne and open pores…all sooo pre-lockdown. Try Medik8, The Ordinary, Indeed Labs or La Roche-Posay. Remember to start yourself off on a low dose to begin with.

Day two – Well hello there, beautiful! Looking a little…pale if you don’t mind me saying? We’ve had a few weeks of glorious sunshine. But that’s not guaranteed forever. And I’m sorry, lovely – that week in Ibiza might need to be rescheduled. A tan makes us all feel more cheerful and toned, and lockdown is super self-tan friendly. There’s no rush, you can walk about in all your glory until it’s dry and if you’re lucky there might be someone in lockdown with you who can help with the hard to reach areas! Remember to exfoliate first, use a tanning mitt and blend with upward strokes – never circular movements. We like St Tropez mousse, Wonder Oil, Vichy and Cocoa Brown.

Day three – All that handwashing, rubber gloves and extra housework has taken its toll on my hands. I really dislike the feel of dry hands, and feet. Take five and give yourself a pamper with moisturising gloves and socks. We like Champneys and Body Shop Thirsty Hands. You can always use cotton socks and apply your own moisturiser. And a layer of moisture on the hands and a wrap of cling film will also do the trick.

Day four – Is your hair a mare? Personally, I can’t wait to get to the salon as soon as it’s safe. It’s going to feel like even more of a treat than normal. In the meantime, I’m steering clear of the DIY trim and home colour and opting for treatments instead. If you’re with me, tonight before bed, wash your hair as normal, then heat up some coconut oil, slather it on and pop on a shower cap. Add some apple cider vinegar if your hair is looking a little dull, or a drizzle of honey and an egg if your hair is damaged.

Day five – Treat yourself, or someone else who really deserves it, to a lockdown self-care gift. Here’s some inspiration – Willowberry Mini Skincare Gift Set, Birchbox monthly subscription beauty box, The Perfume Society or BoxTreeGifts.  It might seem frivolous, but your mental health is a priority during these times. It can’t all be home school and balancing the books. A little gift is going to give you such a happy boost when it arrives. You’re totally worth it. And if you’re treating someone else, just a good for the soul.

Day six – Whether you’re a shower or a bath person, taking a little time for yourself and indulging in a DIY spa is going to make you feel wonderful. Grab some tealights, fire up your most zen playlist and lock that door. For the bubble lovers – we like absolutely anything from  Neom, Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Honey Bath and The White Company Seychelles. For a luxury shower, try Neom, Molton Brown and a personal favourite from us – Aveeno Moisturising Body Wash. For a homemade bubble bath mix four cups of water with coconut oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Give it a mix, pour and relax.

Day seven – Here’s something we should be doing on a regular basis and we’re all guilty of putting it off due to being too busy. Clearing out your make up bag – and cleaning all of those brushes and sponges. So, today, let’s do an audit, an edit, a deep clean a maybe a little online purchase to reward yourself. Don’t forget to clean the bag too – pop it on a gentle wash in the machine and let it dry thoroughly.  FYI – mascara and liquid liner should be disposed of after 3 months, pencils and lip glosses 6 months and liquid foundation after a year.

Natasha Louise Bridal Makeup 1316

If you can only manage one or two of these this week, then more power to you! Get some sleep, nourish your body and do anything which eases your stress. There’s no judgement here if you are reading this in your joggers with a chocolate éclair for company. Just make sure you have some balance. We can’t wait to see you on the other side. I miss you all so much.

Take care and stay safe.

Natasha x