Makeup Q&A

Answering your makeup questions…

As promised I said I would show up and answer some of your frequently asked questions this week. Admittedly I received more questions than I anticipated, which is amazing so a HUGE thank you to those who got in touch, although it may mean the Q&A blog may now spill over to next week… so you’ll be hearing from me a little more than usual!

How far in advance shall I book my suppliers?

This question was actually directed at bridal styling however I think I speak on behalf of most wedding suppliers when I say this;

Some suppliers don’t allow bookings too far in advance, but we have bookings for 2019 already so it is always worth asking. So if you have your wedding venue and date booked then I would recommend you get social media stalking so you get a really good feel for the suppliers you love and who you think will serve you best (don’t underestimate the time that will take). We regularly post on Facebook and Instagram so future customers can see our work and get to know us a little bit more.

Once you’ve done your stalking (research!!) then make a shortlist and get in touch with the suppliers. Here at Makeup by Natasha Louise we offer future clients a discovery call which gives you the chance to ask a million questions (which we expect) and decide if we are right stylists- and likewise if we feel we will be in best service to you. We are sharing such intimate moments with you and your nearest and dearest, so it’s so important you like US just as much as you like our work.

As an award winning makeup stylist team, we are very much in demand, especially during the more popular summer months. Every week I have to refer brides to other stylist because we don’t have the capacity. I don’t say this lightly, but I really do feel sad when this happens – I know how tough it is to choose a supplier to then be told they can’t accommodate you, so with this in mind- if you know the team of suppliers you want assisting you on your wedding day then BOOK, it’s never too early as long as you know the date!

“ Some of you may know that I now have the pleasure of planning my own wedding and booking my suppliers. I naively thought I would have a head start being in the wedding industry, but I’m now wondering if actually that makes it harder?! I hope that I have more insight into how brides feel, what they want and the difficult choice they have when it comes to whittling down suppliers”

I hope you have found this helpful, and that little snippets of advice like this make your planning a whole lot smoother.

I will be back tomorrow answering a beauty related question!